Carl began his kickboxing career at the age of 13, in his homeland, Poland, and first competed after only a few weeks of training. After showing talent, strength and determination in kickboxing, his trainer encouraged Carl to add boxing to his skills, and for 7 years he has successfully competed in both sports.

Just after his 20th birthday, he went to to London, to follow his boxing career dreams and found another ‘home' in the heart of the East End, Broad Street ABC Club, a highly respected and reputable boxing club, run since 1952 by Johnny Gleed. He made the club his family and has been with them for many years, where he represented London and the English National Team in major international competitions.

Overall, he was rated no.6 in the English Amateur Welterweight Rankings and competed in the World Amateur Championships. Carl is a boxing and kickboxing champion, now signed to a professional boxing contract.